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Parimatest parim, CraftSpirits Berlin 2024 GOLD

Möödunud nädalavahetusel toimus Berliinis igaaastane käsitöönapsude festival.

Atla Whiskey'i maitset hinnati kõrgeimate punktidega viskide grupis, saades ainsana kuldmedali ja tulles sellega viski kategooria üldvõitjaks!

Hõbe- ja pronksmedaleid anti kokku 28 viskile.

Osalejaid oli kordades rohkem...

Zürii iseloomustas meie viskit järgmiste sõnadega:

The beverage exhibits a remarkable, deep color that is visually striking.

The olfactory experience is delightful, featuring a captivating spicy bouquet accompanied by nuances of crunchy red fruit. The aromatic interplay is further enhanced by the judicious inclusion of sweeteners, all harmoniously balanced by zestful elements.

The palate unfolds with distinct notes of dried fruit and sherry, portraying a full-bodied character with seamlessly integrated wood elements.

Notably sweetish, the flavor profile introduces hints of oak and dried figs, resulting in an outstandingly harmonious integration of flavor, taste, and mouthfeel.

A strong alcoholic presence dominates the nose, accompanied by pronounced salty and earthy notes on the palate.

The finish is distinctive, leaving a lasting impression on the senses.

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